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Two Babies Rescued!

Due to poverty, domestic violence situations, HIV/AIDS, and teenage pregnancies, child abandonment is very common in Uganda. Most of these babies are left to die unless they are found in enough time to receive the medical attention that they need. Recently we were able to work hand in hand with local authorities on two different cases and rescue two babies who were in awful situations. Meet Ben and Elijah!

"Baby Ben"

It was in the evening when Rachel received a call from our District Probation Officer that there had been a child abandoned on the roadside and found by a Good Samaritan. We are suspecting he was only a few hours old and had been left for a few hours before being found. Our team immediately rushed there to find him in a critical condition, so he was taking the the hospital where he was resuscitated multiple times.

He was on oxygen for several days and when he stabilized we were able to transfer him to a pediatric hospital. He had a few rough days but we are happy that he is now off oxygen and is working hard to begin taking a bottle without an NG tube. We feel hopeful that he will be coming home in the next 2 weeks. We are so thankful for Ben's life and how much he has overcome in his short life.

If you would like to donate toward Ben's Medical bills please click here to donate!

"Baby Elijah"

When we received a call from our District Probation Officer that a baby had been thrown into a pit latrine, we rushed to the pick the baby and then went straight to the hospital. He was only a few hours old when he was thrown in the latrine and developed sepsis in his umbilical cord. He was admitted in the hospital for almost two weeks receiving treatment. We are so glad that he now has a safe home with us and he is growing more and more everyday. Police are working hard to find the person who tossed him in the pit latrine and be sure that they are prosecuted.

If you would like to donate towards Elijah's ongoing needs while in our care click here!

We are so thankful for our team of "mamas" who are providing the best care to Elijah and Ben as they work towards recovering and meeting their milestones!

*Whispers of Love is a registered 501c(3) in the U.S. and is a registered International NGO in Uganda and registered to operate as a Children's Home with the Ministry of Gender , Labour, and Social Development.

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