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Community Empowerment Program

The community is important to the work we do here. As we grow, we continue to partner with our surrounding community to help them take ideas and solutions they have to problems within the community and make them a reality.

“…material poverty alleviation involves more than ensuring that people have sufficient material things; rather it involves the much harder task of empowering people to earn sufficient material things through their own labor, for in so doing we move people closer to what God created them to be.”

-When Helping Hurts


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Instead of seeing themselves as being created in the image of God, low-income people often feel they are inferior to others. It is our hope that through discipleship, they are able to discover 

Counseling Services

It is all about a person's mindset and helping them get rid of cultural norms and a poverty mindset that they can really see their full potential. 

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Business Training

Most of the individuals we work with have not been educated. Some do not even have the ability to read and write. Through our business trainings, women and men are able to develop skills that will allow them to start a small business in something they are passionate about. 

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We currently are farming over 20 acres in two different locations. We are training locals on better agriculture practices through our demonstration gardens. 

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