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The Soma Project


We truly believe that educating a child can help them and their family move out of a life of poverty and into a life of new opportunities and hopeful futures.


This word means school. In Uganda, school is one of the ways that children can have the chance to leave a life of poverty and be presented with new opportunities. 

Why Education?

Education is not free in Uganda meaning that in many families they will only be able to afford for one child to go to school. In the case of single mothers it becomes hard for her to support her children in school.

How You Can Help

Sponsor a Child 

Purchase School Supplies

Pray for the thousands of children uneducated in Uganda

Join the "Soma" Project

Education can End Poverty.

When you donate towards a child's education, you are helping their whole family.

$35/month or $420/year will cover 3 terms of School Fees

$15/month or $180/year will cover School Supplies 

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