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The Soma Project

"Soma" is a Lusoga word used when a child is in school. Education in Uganda is not free and many children are not given the privilege to study because their guardians are unable to pay for it. We have served over 50 children in supporting them with school fees to ensure they are given a chance to a better future for themselves. We truly believe education is a way for so many of these children to find themselves out of poverty and changing the world around them.-0

School Fee Support

Working with the child's guardian to find the most appropriate way to support the child. Some guardians are able to pay for partial or half payments and we cover the remaining. 


Our social work team is very active with the children to ensure they are receiving everything they need at home and also in the classroom. They are met with on a monthly basis along with their teachers to discuss any challenges or victories they may be facing.

Summer Camps

When the children are on school break we always do a camp with them where we are able to educate them on a personal and spiritual level. Then we always end the week with a fun outing! 

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Community Service Outreaches

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It is important to us that our kids are engaging with those around them. We often involve them in different projects around Iganga such as food donations, praying and visiting those who are sick 

Medical Assistance

Many of their parents are unable to assist them with medical care in serious cases so we work with their guardians to make sure each child is receiving quality medical care.

Life Skills Training

Life skills are very important for each of our children to learn due to the fact that jobs are hard to find in Uganda. So when we teach them certain  skills they can even use those to help their families and even begin to pay for their education. We have been able to teach them sewing, knitting, cooking, baking, and electrical.

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This word means school. In Uganda, school is one of the ways that children can have the chance to leave a life of poverty and be presented with new opportunities. 

Why Education?

Education is not free in Uganda meaning that in many families they will only be able to afford for one child to go to school. In the case of single mothers it becomes hard for her to support her children in school.

How You Can Help

Sponsor a Child 

Purchase School Supplies

Pray for the thousands of children uneducated in Uganda

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