Check out our temporary home! We are so excited to open the doors very soon to children of Iganga in need.


Children's Home


The Children's Home is still in the works but we know that it is necessary and will be a huge part of what we do here in Uganda.

Services Provided

While children are in our care they are provided with a "mama" who takes care of their needs 24/7. They are provided with all necessities in addition to medical care. If they are school age, they attend school at a nearby school or they attend classes with our Early Childhood Teachers on site.

Why a Children's Home?

Instituitions are not ideal for children to grow up in and they are not the end goal for us. In Uganda, they are very necessary in cases of abandonement, imprisonment of a parent, death of caretaker, medically fragile children, etc

The plan for these children

Our first home will be only for children ages 0 to 5. Additional buildings will be built later for older children. Our hope is that by 5 these children will either be reunited with family or they will be placed in our Village Safe Homes or Foster Families.