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What's Next?

We have been quiet here at Whispers of Love but we have some fun and exciting things to share with you all! The past few months have been very difficult for us as we have had to go through some unimaginable circumstances. We are so thankful for each and everyone of you who have reached out to us and supported us through prayer. We are ready to continue our work here in Uganda as we introduce a new model to you!

We truly believe that these three programs we are launching will help mold and shape Orphan Care within Iganga. Click on the following to see how we will be launching and running these 3 programs.

Meet Baby "M"

A few weeks back we got a call from the local government hospital about a one year old baby severely malnourished and was brought in by her 12 year old sister.

After assessing and learning more about the situation, we were able to find M's grandmother who is paralyzed making it hard for her to care for "M." The 12 year old sister was staying home from school to assist the baby and also her grandmother.

"M" needed immediate medical care due to her condition. Through our local child care services office, we were able to find "M" a foster mom that could take her to the malnutrition clinic where they stayed for 3 weeks. For the time being "M" will remain with her foster mother until she is fully stable. She will be doing weekly visits to see the grandmother and sister. Her sister will also be joining our School Sponsorship Program next term. Please continue to keep sweet Baby "M" in your prayers as she continues to grow and heal. We are currently supporting the foster mom with milk, medications, diapers, and transport for "M" hospital visits.

Providing Education

In Uganda, the school term is broken into 3 terms. During the first term we were able to send 16 children to Primary School (Elementary), 4 children to Secondary School (High School), 2 young men to trade schools (cooking & mechanics) and

3 young women to an Empowerment Center(hairdressing & tailoring).

Back to School Bash

We will be sending 35 children to school this term and need your help!

We are trying to raise $3500 to pay school fees this term and also buy school supplies!

If you would like to join us you can do so in the following ways:

  1. Purchase School Supplies for one term for $50 per child.

  2. Sponsor a Child to help cover all academic expenses for $35/ per month.

  3. Sponsor a child's term for $140.

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תגובה אחת

You may use the monthly amount I send for whatever you deem necessary. You are in my prayers daily. I always saw God's anointing on you two young ladies.

Audrey Smith

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