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September Update

Whew! September was definitely one for the books as we continually see the Lord's faithfulness here in Iganga. Here are just a few highlights of what we have been up too!

Groundbreaking Ceremony

We were so lucky to have 200 people join us as local leaders laid the first blocks as part of the foundation of the new children's home. We spent the day celebrating Whispers of Love and looking forward to all the community will benefit in the future!

Temporary Home

The need is so great here in Iganga for a safe place for children to sleep. We have helped with multiple cases of child abuse recently and we felt as an organization-we couldn't wait any longer to find a temporary home while we are still constructing.

It is beautiful and we have already began receiving referrals from the social work offices in our community. We currently have 5 children who are living with us and receiving care.

"G" was one of the referrals we received after she was severely burnt by her parents. She was hospitalized for 2 weeks while they tried to repair her hand. She will be staying with us until we can trace any other safe family members for her. In the meantime, she is receiving counseling, physical therapy, education from our facility as she improves physically and mentally.

Food Security

Prices are continually rising in Uganda but our farmers have been working very hard to try and reduce our budget for food by growing the foods we are eating on our farm. They have also been distributing to vulnerable families in our surrounding villages.

Our Construction team worked overnight to ensure the foundation was laid. They mixed the concrete by hand and poured it and by the next morning we were so excited to see the foundation! Next up is the walls!

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