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October Newsletter

"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

August and September were very busy months for us as we were in the process of finishing the new house and then also getting all the children moved into the new place! We are finally settled in and ready to share many photos with you all and of course a few other exciting things that have been happening around Whispers of Love!

All Moved In!!

We cannot believe that the house is finally finished after many ups and downs through the construction process. We are so thankful to finally have a permanent place to call home. We were so happy to have some of our Whispers of Love Board Members here to help us get settled in to the new place.

Our new home will accommodate 50 children and has a special wing just for our neonates and it has everything needed for the mothers to provide the best care possible to them.

We celebrated moving into the new house by roasting a goat and having a big party with soda and dancing!!

Primary Seven Prayer Ceremony

Lydia has been in Whispers of Love's program since 2018 and we were so glad to be there with her as she celebrates graduating Primary School and going to Secondary School. We were able to pray over her and her classmates as they enter into a new stage of life. We are certainly going to miss her being with our other kids and being the "big sister" of the group but we absolutely cannot wait to see all that she will accomplish! She will be sitting for her Primary Leaving Exam in November and it will determine where she can go to Secondary School, please join us in celebrating and praying for her to excel in her exams!

Meet Matthew!

Matthew joined our care this month after being severely being burned by a family member. He has had to undergo several minor surgeries to try and help in the healing process.

We have been able to help Matthew medically but also we are working with police to ensure that the person who burned Matthew can be convicted.

Matthew is improving everyday but still is undergoing intense treatment to repair what was done to his hands. Our staff are currently still having to assist him in feeding, dressing, showering, etc. We know that he will continue improving everyday and we are so thankful he is now in a safe and loving home.

Peanut Harvest

This time we harvest close to 20,000lbs of peanuts. We will be able to use this to make peanut butter for the kids, and also we will be able to sell some to the local market and we hope to make a good profit from it.

We are so thankful that the harvest was plentiful!!

We cannot say thank you enough to all of you who continue to support us monthly through your prayers and donations. We are so blessed to have such an amazing support system standing behind us as we continue to serve the people of Iganga, Uganda.

Catherine Smith and Rachel Gregory

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