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July Update

July was a hard but rewarding month as we saw so many difficult cases but were able to see a lot of follow through and improvements. We are so grateful for each one of you that reached out to us and let us know that you were praying for us. We were able to serve over 10 referrals from the District Child Welfare offices to help them find a safe home! Thank you for your overwhelming support and prayers. We could not continue this without you!

Baby "J"

This was a tough case for our whole team. Rachel and Catherine got a call to go to police around 9pm for the case of an abused child. Upon reaching there Baby "J" was almost lifeless. We ran him to the closest hospital where he was rushed into the Emergency Department where they began trying to manage his wounds and fevers. After Baby "J" was well enough to be transported, he was taken to Jinja for further management. He suffered from several burns and fractured bones.

After 2 weeks admitted in the hospital, he was discharged but has weekly reviews to manage his progress. He has started Physical Therapy to learn to walk. We are so thankful for our staff members who stepped in to help in so many different ways and is continuing to ensure Baby "J" feels loved and safe.

His case is being pushed hard in court, because he is able to talk and give his recollection of events, he has been able to share what the step-mother did to him. We will continue to update all of you as the case moves on in court this coming month.

"E" finds a safe home

"E" age 6 was referred to us for medical treatment after she had been raped by a 50 year old neighbor. Reaching to the hospital, she had to have a few minor procedures. She had to go for 2 weeks after for further management.

As our team began further investigating, the mother was running a bar in their home and was having "E" and her older sister sell alcohol to men. Our team with the help of local authorities decided this was not a safe environment for "E" and her sister to be in, we explored many different options and we were able to find a relative that was willing to allow "E" to live with her.

We will continue to support "E" from her relatives home and we will be paying for her school fees!

Foster Care Parent Training

We were so excited to attend the National Foster Care Parent Training for a week in Iganga. Around 50 people were in attendance from different surrounding villages. It gave us a chance to meet with many of them and hear how they are already taking care of many children within their villages. We are excited to work with these foster parents in our community!

Uganda has really suffered with food production this year, and a famine is expected in the next year or so. We really wanted to put a lot of focus on agriculture on our 4 acres of land so that we could work towards growing more of the foods we consume and also to sell to the markets for income. We have hired 5 men to be assisting on the farm. They are preparing to harvest rice in the next few weeks. We have plans of adding more crops and also some livestock to assist with daily eggs and milk for the kids.

Construction Update

We are so excited to share more updates soon with all of you about the New Babies Home that is being built on our 6 acres of land. The boundary wall is 50% completed and the foundation works will be started in the next few weeks!

If you are interested in learning more about the construction and ways to give towards the project, please send us an email!

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please keep Baby "J" in your prayers as he continues to heal and also as his case is pushed in court and we look for a way forward for him.

  2. "E" as she continues to receive counseling and as she adjusts to a new school and a new home. We are so thankful she gets to be with her relative.

  3. Pray for Foster Families in our community as they begin to learn these new laws, parenting skills, etc and as they embark on this new journey.

  4. Pray for a fruitful harvest on the land.

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As we are restructuring our organization, we are really growing fast and it is increasing our need for more programs and more staff. If you would like to become a monthly sponsor so we can continue the work we are doing here in Uganda, click the link below.

With Love,

Catherine Smith and Rachel Gregory

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