Perseverance Produces Character, and Character produces Hope

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Rejoicing in Our Sufferings

"Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us."

In July, we got a call from a police station an hour outside of Iganga about a little boy. When our founder, Rachel Gregory, and social worker, Grace Kaziba arrived, they saw that it was a four-year-old boy with microcephaly. The police made it very clear that if Rachel and Grace didn't take him back that they were unsure of where he would go because they were unable to keep him. Rachel and Grace gave him a bath at the police station and they started their journey back to the baby's home with Ezekiel where he was welcomed by everyone there.

Older kids at Obwaagazi in June 2019.

In Uganda, special needs are thought of as a "curse" and they wrongly interpret them as proof that the Lord does not love them or their families. For the past two years, we have been taking our older kids to a special needs school (Obwaagazi) located in Jinja. While there, they have learned that even though some of the students are different than them, they still enjoy playing just like they do and that Jesus loves them the same. We truly believe that bringing them to Obwaagazi has given them the opportunity to welcome Ezekiel and to help him along his path of recovery.

Ezekiel has been receiving physical therapy at a local hospital and has improved greatly. Thanks to a generous donor, he was also given a walker, so nothing is stopping him now! We are so thankful to have him with us and watch him as he continues improving day by day. Please continue praying for him as we are looking for a school that will accept him so he can begin his education!

New Projects Ahead

Teacher Janet has been with us for 3 years but has been sewing for over 50 years!

In July, Teacher Janet came to us and asked about a storefront that she has been eyeing in town. She said that it would give the women more room to work in and the opportunity to bring in more women to teach and grow better than their current space. We have decided to seek ways to support them in this new project. It will be $1,500 to rent the space for a year. We hope by moving them closer to town, they will be able to receive more business from the locals and also bring more students in to teach. This is just another step in helping them become more sustainable as they continue working to provide for their families. If you would like to be more involved in this project contact Catherine at


Our medical bills have been costly lately. With more than fifty children and more than thirty-five women, we always have someone who is sick. We decided it was best to add a nurse, Stella, to our staff that can assist in basic first aid at the babies home and determine if further medical assistance or a hospital visit is necessary

We have been so grateful for having Stella around to help us. Since she has been here for the month of August, we have seen our medical bills decrease tremendously. She has incorporated new ideas and policies around the baby's home to make sure that everyone is healthy and growing! A few of the new things she has started are weekly check-ups for each child as well as proper disposal of dirty hygienic items (diapers, pads, etc). She has also enforced the importance of drinking clean water from the filter and not from the tap or well, and proper handwashing technique after using the bathroom and before eating.

Looking for ways to get more involved?

As we are receiving more children and adding more staff to our team, there is always a need for sponsors to join us in paying for school fees, helping with food costs, and salaries for our staff. If you would like to know more about ways to get involved in this area contact Rachel at

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