May/June Newsletter

Through a season of uncertainty, Whispers of Love remains under the protection of a God who knows no uncertainty.

Our Whispers of Love Virtual 5k raised almost $4,000 dollars, and we received a great number of participants. We had 82 signups for running and countless others who donated! Many of our runners donated extra to be able to run for a specific child.

Thank you to all who contributed!

With the money earned from this fundraiser, we have purchased a small piece of land with a house that is close to our cow barn and 10 acres of land.

Grace and Rachel visiting Alasati's Family in 2019

Alisati was sold by her father, now in jail, when she was just fourteen years old. She was brought to us by the police while pregnant with her son, Peter. Alisati, now 17, and

Peter, now 2, have been living with us ever since. Alisati has been able to catch up on her

education and raise Peter in a safe environment, which we are very grateful for! More recently, Alisati has expressed her desire to rekindle a relationship with her family and share the gospel with them. We support her decision, and by putting her family in this home on our property, we will be able to keep a close watch on the relationship. Additionally, we will be able to create a productive environment for her family by providing them income and a new life skill through farming. We are so excited for Alisati and the maturity she has shown in this stage of life, and we plan to support her and her family in the safest way possible!

Uganda shut down their borders back in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many families in Uganda live day to day, which means that many have gone without food and necessities during these times. We have been sure to check with many of our reunified families and support them where necessary. One of our former girls, Promise, and her mother were struggling financially because of job closures, so we are grateful to say that we have been able to provide for them. We are blessed to say that we have still been able to pay all of our women and staff, and we have been able to support the kids as normal and meet needs as they come—we thank God for blessing this ministry during these times, and we thank our contributors for your continued support!

If you would like to donate to our COVID-19 fund, click here!

Please pray for...

  • Judah. We are happy to welcome him into our home! Please pray for Judah’s health because he has sickle cell, and for ease of adjusting to his new environment.

  • Our new farm project and Alisati’s family. Pray for the communication of our expectations, our clarity, and for the hearts of her family.

  • COVID-19 in Uganda. Continue to pray for the safety of our kids and women and for the country as it begins to open back up.

We could not do what we do everyday without people like you who are constantly praying for our staff and children. We are so thankful!

Rachel & Catherine

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