March/April Newsletter

March and April has not come without difficulty for Whispers of Love and Faith Babies Home. With heavy hearts, we announce the loss of our sweet baby, Oscar. As you all may know, Oscar was dealing with some preexisting health conditions, and recently he developed pneumonia. While trying desperately to get him the oxygen he needed, the Ugandan healthcare system failed Oscar and us, yet again. While we are, of course, mourning the loss of a precious soul, we are also angered at the lack of life- saving care provided by the healthcare system. We hope to use this devastating circumstance to bring light to the terrible healthcare conditions in Uganda, so we might be able to combat this issue in the future.

In addition, we are also struggling with the impact that COVID-19 has had on Whispers of Love/Faith Babies Home. The government’s restrictions on going out in public have put a strain on maintaining the health of our children. We have had a few children sick in the past few weeks, and the process of taking them to receive the medical help they need is long and grueling. We ask that you keep the health of the babies in your prayers, and pray for us as we try to get everyone the care they need.


To end on an uplifting note, Whispers of Love has received two new children: Aaron and Jordan! We are so blessed and excited to have them, and we welcome them with joyful hearts. Aaron came to us with two broken legs, having been abused by a family member who is now incarcerated. So far, Aaron has received the care he needs to fix his broken legs, and he is thriving.

How cute is he in his sloth shirt enjoying porridge? We are so glad that he is improving every day! He will start physical therapy when the national lockdown is over!


We are currently investigating Jordan’s domestic situation, nevertheless, we are happy he is safe with us. Jordan suffers from cerebral palsy. We would appreciate your continued prayers for the health of these children!

When Uganda is out of its national lockdown, he will begin physical therapy

3-4 times a week. Our moms have learned a lot from the other children who have gone through physical therapy, so they have been able to help Jordan start sitting up through at-home exercises.

Please pray for…

  • Uganda’s healthcare system, and for all of us struggling with the loss of Oscar.

  • Managing COVID-19 in the home.

  • Our new children, Aaron and Jordan, and that they feel welcomed and for their health.

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