Love Grows Best In Houses Like This!

May and June have been busy and exciting months for us at Faith Babies Home and Children’s Village. We welcomed 8 new babies, all of whom are from very different walks of life, but they are doing very well adapting to a new environment. We are so glad they are here.

We welcomed Leah on the 1st week of June. The police called about her and explained that her stepfather was abusing her, which left her with a

dislocated hip and shoulder. We were able to take her to receive medical treatment as well as some physical therapy. She has now begun laughing and playing. Even though she still has a long way to go, we are so proud of how far she has come, and we are thankful for everyone who has prayed alongside us and donated towards her medical treatment.

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Prayer Requests:

  • Health for women and children

  • Testing coming up

  • Children adjusting to new mamas beginning to work

  • Children placed back with family members that they will continue to adjust.

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