February Update!

The month of February has brought new and exciting things to Whispers of Love and Faith Babies Home.

This month we welcome two-year-old Naomi. Naomi was brought to us very underfed, and her ability to

walk suffered because of this. Since being with us, she has begun to get back to a healthy weight for her

age, and we have been able to work on her mobility. We are so excited to have her; please pray with us

for her continued improvement.

The refrigerator will be a huge benefit to children like Issac. Issac has sickle cell and his medicine normally needs to be refrigerated.

We are also excited for our new refrigerator and blender. We are now able to store fruits and materials for smoothies, which is exciting for everyone at the home. We are also able to save leftovers—we have a lot of hungry mouths to feed, so this has been such a great blessing for us. Most importantly, we can now store medicines essential to the kid’s health. These medicines, which were refrigerated off-campus originally, can now be accessed easily, day and night. In addition to our new refrigerator and blender, we also have a new generator. This means that when the moms have to wake up and make bottles for their babies, they will not have to make the bottles in the dark anymore. We also will use this for any power outages, so it is nice to have that comfort as well.

Linked below is our wish list, which contains bulk items and things we can always use at the home, and below that is our prayer list. As always, we appreciate your support, whether it be a financial contribution or your prayers!

Wish List

  • Overall health of the current children we have and the ones that are entering into our home. The past few months we have been receiving a lot of children with different health problems.

  • Oscar’s health and his potential heart surgery in Spain. Pray specifically for wisdom during these travels and financial coverage.

  • Pray for our children as some of them are reuniting with family members. This can be very difficult on them and those around them. Pray for their family members that they will be able to take care of them and show them the love they deserve.


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