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This summer we are introducing our new Be The Village sponsorship model. For one sponsor to fully support a child at Whispers of Love, it averages to around $175 a month. So, in order to make sponsorship more approachable and sustainable, we are incorporating a new 1:5 sponsorship model! This means that for every kid, there will be 5 sponsors at $35 a month per sponsor. It takes a village to raise a child, and we are excited for each child to have their very own support system and family! Each sponsorship goes towards these five essential needs:

  • Shelter - staffing, repairs, clothing, and hygiene.

  • Education - school fees, uniforms, supplies, backpack, and school shoes.

  • Food - three nutritious meals a day, morning snack, and afternoon snack.

  • Medical - medical services as needed, dental exams, and eye exams every 6 months.

  • Extracurricular - soccer (futbol), piano lessons, skills training (sewing, liquid soap making, baking, cooking), and service days in their community.

Our website has recently undergone renovations to accommodate our new sponsorship model, so be sure to check it out! Each child is featured under “sponsorship,” and when you click on a picture of the child you will be able to read a little about them and find their specific link for sponsorship.

To our pre-existing sponsors, the sponsorship you hold currently for your child will be transferred over, and you will still be 1 of 5 sponsors for that child. The sponsorship you hold is currently noted on your child’s profile on our sponsorship page (ex. 2 out of 5 sponsors). We are so thankful for your continued support, and we appreciate your commitment to your child. If you have any questions regarding your sponsorship please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

For those of you who wish to give more than 35$ a month, you are able to hold more than one sponsorship per child. For example, you can cover the one sponsorship for $35 a month, two for $70 all the way up to all five sponsorships for $175 a month. Additionally, you can hold different sponsorships for different children.

On July 1st, we are kicking off our month-long sponsorship promotion. We will be featuring a different child every day, twice a day, on social media. Keep your eyes open for these posts! Each post will tell a little more about the individual child, so this is a great opportunity to get to know some of the kids and babies! We are also asking for the most social media involvement yet—please share, like, and comment as much as possible, so we can reach our goal of covering sponsorships for over 30 kids this month!


Uganda is back into lockdown due to rising COVID cases. We ask that you continue praying for all of us—specifically for continued health, safety, food, and resources and for the high emotions that come with the lockdown and homeschooling.

Many bulk item grocery stores have been shut down, so local stores are struggling to keep up with the community’s demands; this means that food prices are increasing. Additionally, the Amaka program women are unable to work because of the lockdown restrictions. Because of these conditions, we are asking for donations to our COVID relief fund. We will be collecting money for the Amaka program families and for our kids and babies. Our goal is to keep everyone around here well-fed and healthy and to provide baskets of food and resources for our community. In order to do this, we have created a goal of $3000. Currently, you guys have donated almost 1/3 of the goal! With this amount, we have been able to purchase health supplements like zinc and vitamin C in order to keep everyone’s immune systems strong. We are close to covering the cost of supplies and food for the Amaka program families, so please keep praying, liking, and sharing so we can reach that goal!

Our COVID relief collection will be running for the proposed duration of our lockdown which is 42 days. To contribute, you can Venmo us @whispersofloveuganda or go to our website to donate—be sure to include “COVID relief” in the note section!

We think it is important to show you how your contributions impact us! So check out the list below to see what your donations can cover!

  • Collard Greens - $15

  • Garlic - $15

  • Cassava - $30

  • Cabbage - $30

  • Tomatoes - $30

  • Onions - $40

  • Salt - $40

  • Charcoal - $45

  • Juice - $50

  • 400 Eggs - $60

  • 100 Liters of Cooking Oil - $100

  • Sweet Potatoes - $100

  • Beef - $115

  • Porridge - $150

  • Posho - $200

  • Sugar - $200

  • 2 truckloads of firewood - $300

  • Beans - $350

  • Rice - $350

  • Restock on-site clinic - $385

  • Multivitamins - $400

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