2020 has been a crazy year for everyone so far, but God is great and He continues to bless all of us at Whispers of Love.

Aaron, who we welcomed back in March of this year, is continuing to improve! As you may remember, he came to us with two broken legs from abuse, and he has recently gotten leg braces to correct his right foot. We have been advised by a physical therapist in the states to look for another opinion on his hips, which might be the cause of his healing difficulties. We are hoping that we will be able to find answers so he can heal from his abuse and be fully mobile!

Baby Isaiah has a condition called pyloric stenosis, which affects his ability to eat and digest food. He will require surgery, but he needs to gain weight before he is able to have the procedure—he has three more pounds to go. Isaiah is currently at home with his mother, but we are continuing to stay updated on his journey!

Amiru, who came to us about three years ago from a trafficking situation, was able to reconnect with his Mom and siblings. His family has had a financially troubled past—they have gone from living in a train station to living in a hut with a tin sheet roof—so we have provided a job for his mom and possibly some stability. Additionally, through contributions made by Community, we were able to raise enough money OVERNIGHT to get Amiru and his family their own beds, which is a huge blessing and something the kids have never had before!

We are so thankful for the package sent by Community full of clothes, diapers, blankets, towels, hygienic items, and goodies for the women and kids! That being said, we are now in need of new underwear and socks of any size. If you feel led, please donate!

Please pray for…

  • Answers for Aaron’s legs and his continued healing.

  • Baby Isaiah’s weight gain, his mother, and his surgery.

  • Amiru’s healing and his family’s success and happiness.

  • Beatrice, from our women’s group. She has some family and medical issues going on.

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