In 2013, we received a message from Irene Kaziba who was interested in starting a babies home. She explained her heart for the children of Uganda and her vision of creating a home to raise children who have been abandoned or orphaned. We knew that we wanted to be apart of this, so that is when we started Whispers of Love. Over the past few years, we have grown very much. Within the past year, we purchased a new house that has 6 apartments out back so that we are able to separate our children based on age and gender. We have also hired a social worker that is here full time to be sure that each child is exactly where it needs to be. She also provides counseling to each child if a problem arises. In addition to hiring a social worker, we have hired two mamas who live her full time cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, and encouraging them through bible study. Everyone that is currently working here is helping to make sure these children understand how to honor the Lord in everything they do. Each night is for bible study, where they sit together and read the Bible but also pray with one another. It is our hope that these children not only know how to be great citizens of Uganda but that they also grow up understanding how deep the Father's love is for them.



474 Ellis Circle Road 

Griffin, Ga 30224

Tel: 678-572-8364

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