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Amaka means Family

Family is an important part of what we do here at Whispers of Love. We currently have the unique opportunity to partner with families in three different ways, reunification of children that have lived in the children's home, job opportunities to help reunited and vulnerable families, and orphan prevention by partnering with the local government to assess and assist families at risk of abandoning their children due to poverty.


is the number of families we have helped in 2020 


Many factors in Uganda play a role in children entering our care. Our team of social workers work very hard to see if there is a way we can reunite children with  family members. The families we serve come from all different backgrounds including poverty, prison, marital issues, domestic and sexual violence situations, child marriage/trafficking etc. We work with the local government to ensure that the home is the safest environment for the child before they return as well as checking in quarterly to see how the child is adjusting. 

Ways we support children after they have reunited with their families:

  • School Fees

  • Medical 

  • Food Assistance

  • Emergency Housing 

  • Clothing 

  • Education to the parents on budgeting, child protection, and health

  • Job assistance if needed

These services are offered until we feel that the parent and child are comfortable and can begin to do things independently. 

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Eddy, Geofrey, and Jacob with their mother.

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We currently provide three job options for the families we serve in Iganga. These include farming and goat rearing through partners at Give a Goat, a women's job center which provides skill training in sewing and beading as well as sustainable income through a monthly salary, and babies home staff which currently keeps families together in our facility as well as offering jobs cooking and cleaning to staff members who go home to their families at night. 

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Parents have been able to move out to our land and learn the skill of farming while also learning to take care of a variety of animals. This gives them the space to reconnect with their children while also learning a skill they can carry with them.

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Women's Job Center

We have women of all different ages and they all have such a unique story for the reason they joined us. The purpose is to help single, widowed, or vulnerable women learn a skill while also earning a salary so they can provide for their family.


Babies Home Staff

As you can imagine we need alot of people who can assist in the day to day activities that take place around the babies home. We have been able to employ cooks, mentors, cleaning staff, nurses, social workers, security guards, etc. Most importantly we have been able to hire single mothers who can live and help take care of children while being able to keep their families together. 

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Although it is not always preventable, we will always try our hardest to never use the word orphan & also make sure no child is left as an orphan.

One thing we have realized is that poverty should never be the reason that parents are abandoning their children but it happens so often. We have incorporated two things into our program that hopefully will help parents to explore different options.

  • 1. Education to families who are at risk.

  • 2. Assistance to vulnerable families through finding a job, emergency food assistance, medical care, and school fees. 

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